Using AI For Enhanced E-Commerce Product Discovery

We spoke with the team from Product Discovery Platform Syte about the topic of visual AI, why it is important, and how to successfully leverage it.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has played an increasing role in boosting online shopping experiences for users in the realm of e-commerce. From intelligent product recommendations and inventory management to chatbots and tailored shopping experiences, AI is shaping the future of e-commerce.

Personalised product discovery, specifically, is at the core of AI when it comes to e-commerce marketing. Personalisation matters for both the e-commerce customer and the brand behind the website. It enhances the user experience, offers a faster path to purchase, and supports visual merchandising.

We spoke with the team from Product Discovery Platform Syte about the topic of visual AI, why it is important, and how to successfully leverage it.

What is Syte?

Syte is a Product Discovery Platform for retail, using visual AI to create intuitive search and discovery experiences for all types of shoppers. Syte’s solutions include visual and text search, automated product tagging, personalised recommendation carousels, and more.

Brands and retailers like Farfetch, PrettyLittleThing, Coleman Furniture, and Baycrews, partner with Syte to drive e-commerce revenue and build long-term customer loyalty.

How does Syte use AI to enhance product discovery?

The Syte platform consists of various solutions to enable hyper-personalised product discovery, including:

  • AI-powered Camera Search using Syte’s visual AI algorithm which identifies items within any image and breaks them down to precise visual attributes. The algorithm then suggests similar products from a brand’s inventory to ensure shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Product recommendations offered through innovative features like Discovery Stories, Recommendation Carousels, and the Discovery Button.
  • Deep Tags to enrich product metadata and text search. Retailers can augment product tags and create a richer database for search by using visual AI to automate tagging and add new attributes.

What are the benefits of using a Product Discovery Platform like Syte?

The benefits of Syte are manifold. Deep tagging eliminates manual work, automating the process of logging inventory consistently and accurately. The Discovery Button makes every image shoppable, which is great for engaging mobile users. 

The recently released Discovery Stories is an innovative feature for millennials and Gen-Zers, as it presents recommendations intuitively in a familiar social commerce format.

Hyper-personalisation understands users’ style preferences but does not collect or track personal information. Instead, it caters to the needs of shoppers in each session so there are no privacy issues.

By enabling end customers to quickly and accurately find the products they are looking for, Syte influences key metrics. These include higher on-site engagement, as well as an uptick in average order value (AOV), conversion rate (CVR), average revenue per user (ARPU), and ROI.

There has been a focus on headless architecture in recent years. Can you share your thoughts on Headless Commerce and product discovery?

Headless commerce is an e-commerce architecture where front-end functionality is decoupled from the back-end to maintain independence.

Clients can integrate third-party solutions like Syte seamlessly with headless commerce. We have a few clients who opt for composable commerce to enable speed, customization, and control.

Our long-standing client Harry Rosen relaunched its online shop using a headless architecture. The brand unlocked transformative and holistic business advancements in terms of delivering best-in-class omnichannel customer experiences, organisational changes, process reengineering, and new revenue streams. One critical attribute of this narrative has been increasing product discovery for Harry Rosen’s broad and high-velocity catalogue. 

How has Syte improved e-commerce customer journeys for your clients?

Syte’s product discovery solution streamlines CX by providing end customers with relevant and accurate search results and hyper-personalised shopping experiences. This makes shopping easy, quick, and intuitive, realised through the benefits we discussed above.

“We count on Syte to project our brand POV and product curation in immersive and creative ways, which helps drive conversion and reduce pre-purchase uncertainty. Syte is a very good citizen within our headless ecosystem, and we continually partner with them to push the boundaries of omnichannel retail. In 2021 we saw an increase in AOV by 8% and a 5X increase in user CVR with Syte.” 

— Tovi Heilbronn, Director of Digital Product & Experience at Harry Rosen

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