Visual Merchandizer for BigCommerce App

Installation and User Guide

About This App

Visual Merchandizer for BigCommerce gives you the option to reorder your products with a simple drag and drop interface so your customers see the products you want them to see.

This app works natively with BigCommerce’s Stencil theme engine so you don’t need to worry about your catalog being out of sync with another platform, or the complications of another platform serving content in your frontend.

Catalog Sort lets you reorder your products catalog-wide with no need for any customisations to your frontend theme. It’s an easy way to manage the standard Sort Order field in the catalog.

Category Merchandizer lets you control the sort order of your products per category and subcategory.

App Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • ‘Promote to top’ button
  • ‘Bury at bottom’ button
  • Define a specific product position
  • Control product visibility
  • Automation Rules (Beta)

Category Merchandizer automatically injects a script into your Stencil theme so there is no setup to do. Simply launch the app and start merchandizing your products.

Simple Drag and Drop Interface
Manage the order of your products with a simple drag and drop interface. View your products in a list and grid view to visualize how your products will look on product listing pages.

Free Trial
Trial the app for 14 days before you decide to purchase a plan.

No Setup Costs
Setup is easy. Just single-click install the app and you’re all set!

This app is configured as a multi-user app so that any of your BigCommerce users can use the app.


Installation Process

Installation of the Visual Merchandizer for BigCommerce app is simple using the single-click install from the BigCommerce Marketplace. Store owners can install this app, and assign other users to have access to use this app.

On installation, the app will:

  • Enable read/write to your product catalog
  • Inject a script into your theme to allow custom visual merchandizing of products by category
  • Activate ‘Sort By Featured’ in the sort order dropdown to reference the custom sort order for each category

This technology is built to work with themes based on BigCommerce Cornerstone, custom-built themes may conflict with the app and should be tested thoroughly during the free trial period to ensure compatibility. If you would like us to create a configuration specifically for your theme, please contact our team through the support link below.

User Guide

14 Day Trial Period and Paid Subscriptions

On installation, you will automatically get access to all features in the app on a 14-day trial. On completion of the trial period, access to the app features will be limited until a paid subscription is selected.

Paid subscriptions are available with monthly recurring billing, or annual billing at a discounted rate.

  • Standard Plan: $49 USD/month OR $499 USD/year
  • Automation Plan: $98 USD/month OR $998 USD/year
  • Standard Plan Additional Storefront: +$20USD/month or $200USD/year per storefront (Multi-storefront users)
  • Automation Plan Additional Storefront: +$40USD/month or $400USD/year per storefront (Multi-storefront users)

Prices are in USD. Bulk pricing plans are available for customers with three or more websites, please enquire if you are interested.

To cancel your subscription or update your payment details, please go to the Account page in the application.

Merchandizing Products By Category

Category Merchandizer lets you control the position of your products by category and subcategory. Simply select the category you wish to merchandize and then drag and drop the products into the desired order for that category.

Please note, this will save a custom sort order for the category that you have edited. This order will not affect any other pages.

Please note, the ‘Sort By Featured’ option in the sort dropdown will be updated to reference the custom sort order for that category.

Managing the Product Catalog Sort Order

BigCommerce stores a sort order value against each product in your catalog. By default, the sort order value is zero. To use this feature effectively, you need to maintain an ordered list of numerical values for all products in your catalog. This app does this for you.

Using ‘Product Catalog Sort’, will update the sort order throughout your product catalog. Push a product to the top of the list, and the app will rewrite all sort order values throughout your catalog. When you save your changes, this will write these values into your BigCommerce catalog.

‘Catalog Sort’ lets you reorder your products catalog-wide with no need for any customisations to your frontend theme. This edits the standard ‘Sort Order’ field in the product catalog. This feature is useful for both Stencil and Headless Commerce frontends.

Automation Rules [Beta]

This new feature allows merchants to set up Automation Rules so product sort orders update based on these set of rules:

  • Automatically move new products to the top of the sort order – always move new products to the top of the sort order when they are added to the store. 
  • Automatically promote sale items to the top of the sort order – always move sale items to the top of the sort order when a sale price is applied to them. 
  • Automatically bury items out of stock – always bury items with 0 inventory to the bottom of the sort order. 

Accessing global automation rules

Automation Rules are available on an upgraded plan and on the free trial. Plans can be purchased on a month-to-month basis or per-annum. 

PlanCost p/monthCost p/annum
Standard Plan$49 USD$499 USD
Automation Plan$98 USD$998 USD

If you are currently on a Standard Plan and would like to upgrade to include Automation Rules, head over to your Account page to change your plan.

*we will prorate the price we charge next month to make up for any price changes. 

Setting up global automation rules

Video Tutorial:

To set up automation rules, simply navigate to the ‘Automation Rules’ menu item, and select ‘Activate Automation Rules’.

Select what rules you wish to be applied to your store at a global level.

Set the time in which you would like the automation rules to apply on a daily basis. Each day, our system will sync the sort orders based on the time you choose. 

Press ‘Save’ to save your changes or ‘Cancel’ to remove changes. 

Setting up category-specific automation rules

To set up category-specific automation rules, simply navigate to the ‘Category Sort’ menu item and select the ‘Define Sort Order’ drop-down menu of the category you wish to apply the automation rules.

Select ‘Use Category Automation Rules’. 

You will then see the ‘Automation’ settings option become available.

Click on ‘Automation’ for the category you wish to apply the automation rules.

Activate the rules. Select the rules. Press ‘Confirm’ to save.

How to lock specific products in the sort order

To keep specific product items in their current place in the sort order, manually lock specific products in position by clicking the lock icon in the product list screen. These item’s positions will override the automation.

Setting the daily data sync

Due to the high amount of data processed when setting Automation Rules, our system allows the user to set a daily time they wish for Automation Rules to apply.

*Please note if you initially set up the rules to apply at 0:00 UTC, and then make a change to the settings and change the time to update at 01:00 UTC, the changes will apply in 12 hours from 01:00 UTC. 

If you have any questions about the product sort order please submit a support ticket.

Troubleshooting The App

Q: I am receiving the error message “Failed to install application”

A: Please ensure you are the owner of the store before installing the application.

Q: My products are not displaying correctly on the frontend


a) Please ensure you have configured the settings for default sort order as “Featured Items”. This can be done at a store or category level. To change it to Featured, go to Store Setup > Store Settings and click the Display tab. Scroll down and you will see the option to change the default category sort.

b) We have implemented a re-save button on the category pages. This button re-sends the changes to BigCommerce. Due to potential caching, it may take up to 30 minutes for changes to appear.

c) We have added a new feature into the UI which lets you check the values that are on the BigCommerce API – look for the blue tick icon which will give you visibility of the live values on the BigCommerce API. If the values match, the values on the API reflect what our app has.

E.g. In the example below, product_id 86 should be in the first position of the sort order.

“product_id”: 86,
“sort_order”: 1

This proves the app is successfully writing the values back to the API.

If the values are correct and your storefront is still displaying the incorrect information, please raise a ticket with BigCommerce support.

If the values do not match, please raise a ticket with our admin.

c) We have identified some instances where certain third-party apps are not compatible with the BigCommerce sort order and therefore interfere with the sort order display on the frontend. Known instances as of February 2022:

Please raise a support ticket with BigCommerce if you are using one of these applications and experiencing a discrepancy.

Q: My products are missing from the app interface

A: We have two options to re-sync your store’s data with our app. It may take up to a few minutes.

Option 1: Global level – re-syncs global data

Option 2: Category level – resyncs category data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between the “Global Sort Order” and the “Category Sort”?

The Global Sort Order manages the whole BigCommerce product catalog. If you make changes in the Global Sort Order it reflects in the whole BigCmmerce product catalogue. If no other sort order is defined throughout your website, the Global Sort Order will be used.

The Category Sort Order is the order which will be used on a particular category. When you save your changes, this will write these values into your BigCommerce catalog.

My product is not appearing in the sort order, what can I do?

We have added a “Sync Data” option for users to manually sync their BigCommerce data with the Visual Merchandizer app. Please use this button if a product is not appearing in the sort order.

What does ‘Undefined’ mean?

If you haven’t edited a Category Sort Order it will appear as Undefined. This means you are not using the app for any kind of sort order.

Can you use the Global Sort Order in a category?

Yes, if you select a sort order in a category as ‘Global Sort Order’ it will inherit the global sort order values.

What does ‘Re-sequence’ mean?

Users may click the “Re-sequence” button to update the sort order values and click “Save” to write them back to the BigCommerce API. For example, if the sort order displays products as 456, 457, 458, 459, it will re-sequence them to 1, 2, 3, 4…

Can I add multiple websites to a single Visual Merchandiser plan?

Each website will require its own Visual Merchandizer plan. However, we offer bulk pricing for users who have three or more websites on the Visual Merchandizer app. To get on a bulk plan please contact admin.

How do I update an expired card on our account?

You may update your payment method in the Account section of the app.

If I uninstall the app will I lose my sort order?

Our application saves the sort order via an API so upon uninstall, your sort order will remain as it was when you last saved the changes.

Is your app compatible with Multi-storefront?

Our application has been certified by BigCommerce for Multi-storefront. You may upgrade your plan to access this feature. Prices below:

  • Standard Plan Additional Storefront: +$20USD/month or $200USD/year per storefront (Multi-storefront users)
  • Automation Plan Additional Storefront: +$40USD/month or $400USD/year per storefront (Multi-storefront users)

Support Requests

If you have feedback or a support request, please submit a ticket. (Please note our support hours are Monday through Friday 9 A.M to 6 P.M AEST Sydney, Australia)