Discovering your brand better – a new free workshop

How well do you know your brand? Matter just launched Discovery sessions to help you understand where you’re coming from and where you’re going.

How well do you know your brand? Matter just launched Discovery sessions to help you understand where you’re coming from and where you’re going. A Discovery session is a fun and interactive workshop where we explore what makes your brand matter. 

Volkswurst was our first trial workshop. Here’s the story about our friends with a German sausage truck, and how we helped them reassess and realign to their brand vision and goals. 

If you work in the city or you like markets, you may have come across Volkswurst. It looks a bit like this:


They sell genuine German sausages out of genuine German Kombi vans on the streets and do event and corporate catering. Sometimes they even finish a job with the accordion and a good old fashioned German polka. They also brew their own beer and (when it’s allowed) serve it up for full the Deutsche experience. If it’s the boys serving they’ll be in traditional Lederhosen, and when the girls help out they don their Dirndl.

Their aim is to educate Aussies on how to really enjoy beer and food the German way without being stupid. But they didn’t realise that till the end of the Discovery session.

What is a Discovery session?

Pascal, the founder and sausage meister, commented after their Discovery session:

“It was good to think about how to relate it [the Volkswurst brand] to people and reflect and rethink… it was cool to get what we want to do down and have tangible outcomes and action points.”

So what goes in to a Discovery session and what do you get out of it?

We’ll take you through a series of questions and activities that will help you break down all of the foundational elements of your brand to revisit just what makes your business tick. We’ll then use these discoveries to form long-term achievable goals and then work backwards so you have tangible next steps and a clear overview of your resources to get you there. We’ll help you think about how best to relate to your audience and revisit your current strategies or help you form new ones.

On completion you will:

    • Better understand your USP, voice, style, story, mission, vision, values, audience and goals
    • Uncover fresh new ways to look at your business
    • Have identified areas for improvement
    • Be energised for what you do and how you do it
  • Set goals for future success

To give you a little more of an idea of the tone and style of the Discovery session, it mostly involves brainstorming while writing on windows and finishes with your preparing to score your goals with a soccer ball with your key aims written all over it (that’s where the ball comes in). These sessions are fun and light-hearted, but you should come prepared to think hard and creatively about your business and brand.

I don’t want to give too much away though, get in touch with us and book a session. They’re free and we’d love to have you!

volkswurst collations

Why Discovery sessions?

The idea was born out of us wanting to discover more about our client’s and their businesses. We generate all sorts of products and content for our clients – everything from an entirely new website, to event space, to physical marketing material, to managing their social media and Adwords. Which means we really have to know what our clients are on about, it also means they have to be able to communicate it. That’s much harder said than done.

There are many businesses and brands out there that know their foundations really well. They know their keywords, goals, mission, visions and values, they know their colours and style and their USP, they’ve got their creative and marketing direction figured out. But often, businesses haven’t visited their foundations in a very long time and have lost touch with it, or they never really nutted them out fully in the first place. Some clients just don’t quite know what they want or need some creative direction. That can make it a bit difficult for us to help our clients, that’s why we developed and launched Discovery sessions. It’s also particularly useful to get to know new clients or potential clients.

Discovery sessions exist to help our clients know themselves better, and helps us know them better, so that we can communicate that best to their target audiences and increase ROI.

So how do I sign up for one?

Excellent question! Discovery sessions are free and take about 2 hours. We’ll send you a report summary afterwards and you’ll leave with some fun and useful take-homes.

Get in contact with us and register for a Discovery session.

We look forward to having you!

PS. I really want a German sausage, how do I find Volkswurst?

You can check out the Volkswurst website and contact them that way at Or you can check out their Facebook at /sausageforthepeople or their instagram @volkswurst for their latest updates.

They are very tasty. Enjoy 🙂