Headless Commerce: Is it the silver bullet of e-commerce? (Webinar)

Re-watch the BigCommerce 360 Webinar discussing headless commerce and headless architecture.

Last week, our Director, Nigel Poole, took the virtual stage at the BigCommerce 360 Summit to discuss the topic – ‘Headless Commerce: Is it the silver bullet of e-commerce?’

In the webinar, Nigel shared how Matter Design & Digital have been working on a headless system architecture for optimising website speeds, improving user experience, and achieving high scores for Google Core Web Vitals, leading our clients into the next generation of e-commerce.

After almost 12 months in the making, Nigel introduced JAMM.™ – Matter’s headless e-commerce architecture built with a “JAM + M.” (JAM Stack frontend + Matter e-commerce know-how). This architecture is built to enable fast connections to today’s top e-commerce technologies.

The webinar covered a variety of other topics in relation to headless architecture including:

  • What is headless e-commerce architecture?
  • What problem does headless solve for e-commerce businesses?
  • How to implement a headless architecture?
  • Matter’s microservice architecture solution JAMM.™

You can now access the replay on the YouTube video below. 

If you’re interested to learn more about whether headless and JAMM.™ could benefit your e-commerce strategy, or if you’d like to learn more about our framework, get in touch.