Highlights from the BigCommerce Summit Chicago 2019

We heard from CEO Brent Bellm regarding the long-term BigCommerce platform strategy including strong leading performance in omnichannel superiority.

We’re coming to you from Chicago this week as our director Nigel attends the informative BigCommerce partner summit. BigCommerce partner summits are an inclusive way to give partners, like us, a detailed look into upcoming BigCommerce releases and initiatives. We also have the opportunity to mingle with the BigCommerce product engineers and pick their brains on platform developments that help us improve the solutions we can offer our clients.

CEO Brent Bellm articulating how BigCommerce is positioned to bring enterprise level e-commerce as a SaaS platform.

We heard from CEO Brent Bellm regarding the long-term BigCommerce platform strategy including strong leading performance in omnichannel superiority. Omnichannel functionality allows businesses to capture consumers across multiple channels as the e-commerce trend moves away from a single channel checkout.

Below are various slides showing the analysis of data across 60,000+ merchants who have chosen BigCommerce –

BigCommerce position themselves as a leading enterprise level SaaS option for larger e-commerce businesses.
Breakdown of source of all sales.

The graphs above show a breakdown of global e-commerce sales. While e-commerce makes up only 14% of total US retail sales, this number is steadily increasing. We also see that direct traffic sources account for 52% of GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) adhering to the idea that brand recognition plays a vital role in the consumer’s journey.

Google the clear winner in search.

Google remains a sure winner when it comes to search and we don’t see this statistic changing anytime soon. Google continually adapts to the needs of the user, making it by far the #1 search engine in the world. Trends show that Google search is only increasing, so SEO strategies should remain a priority in a business plan.

Unpaid traffic from social leads the way.

Social media presence remains positive for businesses with the highest traffic coming through unpaid Facebook. Paid social ads don’t bring as much revenue and have been scrutinised for their lack of objective and low conversion rates, but the result depends on many factors. Some industries will benefit from paid social ads, some won’t. Despite this, we believe every business should have a social strategy, with BigCommerce offering the capabilities to link through to Facebook & Instagram shopping.

Email conversion rates win.

With a 3.15% conversion rate, email takes the lead. BigCommerce integrates with email clients through their app partners and also houses functionality for abandoned cart emails, a high driver for conversions.

Omnichannel is a strategy

As mentioned above, customers are no longer making their purchase decisions based on one channel. Businesses benefit from a multi-channel approach, and BigCommerce provides the tools to make this happen.

Online sales continue to steadily increase year-on-year. Project these figures forward five years and we will see 25% of global retail transactions being performed online.

Matter continues to work closely with BigCommerce on complex builds and problem-solving. View some of our BigCommerce case studies here.