How to Solve Complex Pricing Structures with BigCommerce

How we delivered a complex solution using BigCommerce Price Lists and custom development.

In the e-commerce world pricing structures can be quite complex. You’re not always dealing with simple pricing for products with minimal customisation.

What if you have pricing structures that depend not only on one variable, but on four? What if a price varies depending on the size, packaging, quantity and shipping?

Then there is the user’s experience to have front of mind. The checkout process needs to remain seamless.

These are some of the complexities we faced when W&S Promo approached us to build them a new e-commerce store that would replace the current manual order structure and allow users to customise products and order online.

Once Matter understood the complex layers of pricing structures that W&S Promo were dealing with we new only one system would be able to accomodate : BigCommerce.


Let us give you an example of one of W&S Promo’s variable product calculations:




This keyring will cost you 0.81 cents per unit if it is unbranded

For two colour offset this unit will cost you $4.02 

See how the price changes upon calculation?

The price also changes depending on the quantity purchased.

Not so simple now is it?


Now we will show you how BigCommerce accommodates these complex pricing structures in the backend.


Product Option Sets & Rules

Product options are made up of values. The branding option has values like 1 colour branded, unbranded etc. For some option types, values are created by the shopper, like the file upload field.

Rules are a way to change product data — like price — depending on which value-combination or SKU the customer selects for their options. In this example the option is based on a pricing rule.





Price Lists

Price Lists offer advanced variant-level price overrides based on customer groups. Visitors to the store see the same products, but are shown different prices based on the group they belong to.

In our example the main products have product variants. Bulk Pricing can be defined per product variant as a fixed price or percentage discount.

This image shows real pricing for Full Colour Digital and Full Colour Offset pricing for 100, 1000 and 5000 quantities.

These prices can also differ according to customer group. In this case W&S Promo display different pricing to wholesale and retail customers.





Custom Coding

Our team of developers worked on a live calculator functionality using a Javascript script that reads the unit price and makes a calculation based on the product variation.

The script runs while the user makes a change on the product page and then updates the cart accordingly.

The script also works in association with a BigCommerce Stencil API.

Ask us how we do this?


The above example showcases how BigCommerce accommodates a variety of complex pricing structures and product variations.

Do you have a complex pricing problem that you need to solve? Get in touch with us today and see how we can help.