JAMM.™ – Build with Headless architecture

JAMM.™ is Matter.’s bespoke headless e-commerce framework, built with Gatsby, ReactJS and NodeJS, hooking into leading e-commerce applications. We use this framework to develop solutions specific to our client’s individual needs and e-commerce strategies.

The JAMM.™ framework is built in such a way that creates a stable microservice ecosystem of platforms to bring together an e-commerce solution that is more efficient than traditional web structures. 

Some of the benefits available through the use of the JAMM.™ framework are:

  • Better performance – Pages are served through CDNs improving page load speeds
  • Higher security by separating server-side processes from the frontend 
  • Simple cheap scaling – Handles traffic scale without impacting backend components
  • Development control – Flexibility to add/remove services without impacting frontend
  • Data control – Draws data from multiple “sources of truth” reducing data replication
  • Strategic advantages – Support multiple frontends from a single backend – multi-site, device-specific frontends

List of compatible microservices


Advanced Search:

Product Information Management (PIM):

Content Management Systems (CMS):

Marketing Automation:

Customer Support:

Reviews and User Generated Content:

Stock Availability and Store Locator:

Headless Resources

As an award-winning Headless e-commerce agency, we have seen how Headless architecture can enable flexibility in B2C and B2B touchpoints, and agility with internal systems, by connecting with best-in-breed technologies to deliver an optimal e-commerce system.

Find out more about our Headless approach on the below resources:

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