Localisr | A Geolocation-Powered App Localising the E-commerce Experience

Localisr is a versatile web application that links the online e-commerce experience with the physical world. Localisr enables the store locator functionality, allows users to find their nearest store, check stock availability, manage click & collect and link their online store with Google My Business – all in one.

At Matter, we like to find ways to continually improve the e-commerce experience for our clients and their customers. This is why we have created Localisr, a localising customer experience that helps users find their nearest store, see stock availability for their nearest store and select a preferred store for Click & Collect. 

Localisr was the creative idea behind the team at Matter, who saw an increasing need for a simpler, agnostic store mapping functionality that met the needs of brands who have an online presence and manage numerous brick & mortar stores. After strategizing with client Tradelink, who manage over 220 branches and over 100 showrooms across Australia, Matter outlined a functional specification and commenced work on an application that would solve this problem.

We are excited to announce Localisr is now in beta phase and available to those who are interested in a comprehensive Store Locator solution that enables you to personalise the e-commerce experience based on the users location.

“Localisr is a technology that brings physical locations into the digital experience. Store locators have existed for a while, but we were unable to find a solution that caters holistically to the omni-channel strategies we implement for our clients, so we built it ourselves.”

Nigel Poole, Matter CEO

Localisr Key Features

Localisr is offering the below key features:

Store Finder

Localisr helps merchants connect their online business with their offline one. The Store Finder helps users find the nearest location of a store they are interested in visiting.

Users can:

  • Search by postcode or suburb and find the closest stores
  • Filter the search to types of locations Eg. Stores or Stockists
  • See the stores plotted on a map and distance to store
  • See a store’s opening hours and contact details
  • Click on a link to call the store
  • Click on directions button to initialize google map
  • Book An Appointment*

* Simply Book Me appointment booking system required

Nearest Store

Localisr enables a user’s location to be a data point that can be used to personalise their e-commerce experience. Providing information on the nearest store – location, contact details and product availability – the user sees relevant information throughout their browsing experience.

Users can:

  • See details of the closest store to them
  • Search stores based on postcode and suburb to find alternate stores
  • Choose an alternate favourite store Eg. a store close to work
  • See their favourite store as the default location for stock availability and click and collect

Stock Availability

Keeping product inventory up-to-date for customers is a vital part of a positive user experience. Localisr improves the way stock availability is managed and displayed. 

Users can:

  • See stock availability for favourite/nearest store on PDP
  • See where their cart items are available for Click and Collect in the Cart
  • See stock availability in Cart based on default store
  • Manage available shipping options per location in Localisr

Note: This feature requires integration with source of inventory data

Click & Collect

The pandemic has accelerated changes to shopping habits among consumers, and online shoppers are seeking more convenience in shopping choices. Click & Collect is the option for customers to buy online and pick up in-store later. Localisr makes it easier for merchants to set up Click & Collect on their e-commerce store. 

Localisr enables Click & Collect to:

  • Allow a user to select preferred store for click & collect 
  • Check availability of cart items at preferred click & collect store
  • Allow / disallow click & collect option based on availability of cart items
  • Pass store ID into order payload for processing
Click & Collect example Pillow Talk

Google My Business Integration

According to tech company Yext, 37% of businesses have the incorrect name in their Google listings, while 43% have the wrong location address and 19% are missing website URLs. Localisr makes this management easier. 

Admins can:

  • Push store information from Localisr to Google My Business
  • Pull store information from Google My Business to Localisr
  • Read/write store information via Localisr APIs
  • Match store IDs through a digital system
  • Store web pages – publish editable web pages using Localisr information under primary domain name with SEO editability

Working Example

We’ve successfully launched Localisr for some of our recent clients. See the working example below:


Tradelink has 200+ branches across Australia. Through Localisr, we enabled the following features:

  • Find a store
  • Nearest store
  • Regional pricing
  • Click and collect
  • Book an appointment

Trial Localisr

If you’d like to trial Localisr on you BigCommerce store please register your interest below.