Managing Product Sort Order in BigCommerce

In this video demonstration, Topher Derosia demonstrates how to manage product sort order in a WordPress BigCommerce store using Visual Merchandizer for BigCommerce.

BigCommerce has a very useful data field in the product catalog called “Sort Order”. This data defines the sort order of products across your catalog and allows you to control which products appear at the top of a listing page and which appear at the bottom.

The problem is, its very hard to manage all these values across your entire catalog let alone make changes to suit the changing needs of your business. This problem is solved by our Visual Merchandizer for BigCommerce app.

In this video, BigCommerce for WordPress evangalist Topher DeRosia breaks down how the app can be used for BigCommerce sites built with a headless WordPress structure.

BigCommerce for WordPress is a free plugin that lets you use BigCommerce to power your site’s backend commerce needs and WordPress for your site’s design and content. This headless solution delivers both advanced commerce functionality and design customization freedom by allowing each platform to do what it does best.

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