Matter. partners with Airwallex for a better system to manage money globally

The latest news about Matter.’s partnership with Airwallex – a new way to create foreign currency accounts globally.

Airwallex has transformed the way we run our global here at Matter. Now, we’re excited to bring our clients a better system to manage money globally.

As our business grew and we acquired an increasing amount of multinational clients, the need for international money management became prevalent. Naturally, our team started searching for a better solution out there. One that did not compromise on retaining visibility and control over our expenses. Despite this being a ‘table stakes’ part of our team operations, we understood that having a transparent and automated way of managing our finances would set our business up for long-term scalability.

We were then introduced to Airwallex.

Our partnership with Airwallex began with us as first-hand customers of the platform. We used it as a solution for our own teams and global business expenses, and what we found was a better way to manage our global transactions.


How we use Airwallex

  • Clients in the USA can pay to our USA Airwallex global account – no overseas transaction fees for anyone
  • Matter can pay subscriptions to USA based technology providers using our USA funds via an Airwallex visa debit card – no overseas transaction fees for me
  • Matter can settle USD revenue from our Stripe payment gateway and PayPal account into our USD account
  • Matter can transfer funds from USD to AUD at a low rate when the FX is favourable

The benefits of Airwallex

  • Speed: Setting up our Airwallex business account happened entirely online. Within a week we could create virtual cards with flexible spend limits in seconds
  • Cost: With zero setup costs and zero additional card fees or international card transaction fees, we save up to 3% on our growing international SaaS subscriptions
  • Visibility: With dedicated cards for each project or team, our finance team now has a real-time pulse of our agency’s cash flow and budgets, synced directly into Xero
  • Security: If a virtual card was ever compromised, we could freeze or cancel the card within a few clicks without impacting the other project or expense cards

Airwallex for our clients

After our first-hand experience with Airwallex, our team is proud to be partnering with Airwallex to share this with our e-commerce clients, including Institchu, The Upside & Nexba. We are confident that the platform is a better solution for our clients with fast-growing, global teams that need to manage money globally. 

Similar to how we help businesses build digital retail systems that scale, we now recommend Airwallex as part of that strategy as the system to manage our clients’ global purchasing and payments. Not only does Airwallex free up team capacity, but it has also created real bottom-line savings on the expensive FX fees previously paid on their international suppliers, staff or software expenses.

Airwallex interface example

Want to find out more?

If you are looking for ways to streamline the way your team moves and manages money, let’s connect and explore how Airwallex can help you build high performing teams.

Introductory offer

Matter and Airwallex have teamed up to bring you an introductory offer – Free foreign exchange on your first $20000.