Our Response To Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine during this difficult time.

Our team at Matter. continue to be deeply shocked and saddened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. That country and its people are very close to our hearts, and our thoughts are with them every day.

We have a team member in Ukraine, we have team members with Ukrainian and Russian heritage. As for many of us, this war hits close to home.

What times of profound crisis have shown us in recent years is that the true way forward is through compassion, community and togetherness. Without these things, we will continue to be societies divided, peoples divided.

As the earnest saying goes, “War is the only game in which both sides lose.” The loss from this invasion is catastrophic. And for a country that has already endured so much, they don’t deserve this.

Our hope is that a peaceful resolution will come soon so that no more people will undeservingly suffer through this conflict. Our hope expands beyond this war, and into the regions of Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Somalia, and even in our own hearts. We all deserve peace.

We have chosen to donate to the World Food Programme’s Share The Meal campaign, a great initiative using technology to tackle world hunger and respond to the crisis in Ukraine. We truly believe in the power of technology as a catalyst for change.

Other Support Resources

We’ve gathered this list of resources should you wish to offer support to those in need during these times of crisis.