Project Objective

Matter was entrusted with the job of creating an e-commerce experience that enables the sale of AEC Europe’s vehicle accessories. 

Key project objectives included:

  • A modern shopping experience for users
  • Multi-currency functionality
  • The use of native BigCommerce functionality e.g. product categories 
  • Integration of AEC Europe’s branding guidelines
  • Deliver a logical omnichannel experience for customers
  • Deliver customer-centric shipping options


Former client, Upfitter, introduced the team at Matter to AEC Europe who were inspired by the work we had performed on the Upfitter website.

It was this inspiration that formed the starting point of our conversations with the AEC Europe team to discuss the creation of a new parts marketplace for the brand. 

Despite opposing time zones, our project manager, Nick, and the AEC Europe team met regularly to discuss the strategy for the build and how the platform could enhance their customer’s online experience. BigCommerce was selected as the platform of choice due to the success and positive results from Upfitter’s recent build, and the platform’s ability to manage a car parts marketplace, as well as multi-currency functionality.   


Building on the BigCommerce Cornerstone Light theme, Matter implemented AEC Europe’s strong branding guidelines and striking imagery. Our designer, Alberto, mocked up the homepage, PLP and PDP to align with AEC’s brand and to optimize the user’s journey to checkout. 

With minimal customization, we were able to create a clean and elegant e-commerce experience for the AEC Europe customer. 

AEC Desktop PDP View AEC Europe


We chose to build AEC Europe’s new website on BigCommerce because the platform has the technical capabilities to cater to the international exposure of the AEC brand.

We leveraged the functionality provided by the BigCommerce Cornerstone Light theme and customized it in a way that met the objectives of this project.

Customer Groups

AEC Europe shows appreciation for customer loyalty by offering customer tiers. Matter assisted with the segmentation of AEC’s customer groups and allocated them to certain pricing groups. Customer groups give access to specific products or categories at discounted rates to select customers. 

Customer Groups Pricing Example BigCommerce AEC Europe

Multicurrency Capabilities

The website utilises native BigCommerce multi-currency capabilities. The site is configured to show prices in different currencies so shoppers can access pricing and check out using their preferred currency. Enabling customers to pay in their native currency helps to avoid currency conversion fees that may be charged by banks or lending institutions. It also provides a more consistent and positive shopping experience for users.

AEC Multicurrency Example BigCommerce

Mobile-first Design

The direction from the get-go was to ensure the website would cater to the mobile user, with simple ability to:

  • Add products to a ‘wishlist
  • Find related products
  • Make a purchase
  • Browse by categories
  • Filter & search products
Mobile browsing example AEC Europe BigCommerce