In order to create documents that captured their company profile, we researched Bright & Duggan and worked closely with their marketing and communications executive to develop styles and designs that suited the company culture and values. We strived to understand aspects of their brand, from their work ethos to customer satisfaction guarantees, their brand tone of voice, and how they’re perceived in the public eye and B2B sector. We then helped them think creatively and strategically about how to best present themselves internally and externally.

(right: company folder)


Bright & Duggan had clear goals which we were able to map out with them in order to outline their deliverables. A lot of their branding and designs were pre-existing so we had a strong framework to work within to capture their messaging further. 

The style was built carefully, with simplicity, sophistication and clear communication in mind. We worked on projects with them over 12 months and were able to build a good relationship which we are delighted to continue with ongoing projects.

(below: company flyer)


We created a variety of deliverables over the 12 month period, including brochures, event flyers, company profiles, newsletters (both digital and printed), and new logos for events. Our designers focussed largely on layout, grids and typography to refresh Bright & Duggan’s visual representation. 

Working largely in print, our designers faced a number of challenges in perfectly executing the concepts. We considered paperweights, typographic techniques and colourways to help completely transform the work and bring it to life. The client was very happy with the end results.

(below: company profile)


Our designers worked with indesign and illustrator to create the designs and worked with specialised printers to ensure the best results on the creative deliverables.

(below: promotional event design)