Project Objective

The objective of the Cashwerkz Custodian Solution is to provide Custodians and their clients, namely fund and investment managers, with tools that will enable them to use Cashwerkz to request, approve and place investments with ADIs supported by the Cashwerkz platform.

Cashwerkz are a fintech startup


Cashwerkz approached Matter with a specific request, having outlined what they required in their new online portal.

This included:

  • Providing investment managers with tools to research current ADI term deposit products and the create and submit orders to the Custodian associated with the particular fund.
  • Providing Custodians with a workflow solution enabling the approval workflow to be ‘streamlined’ with Approvers having the ability to be notified and to approve investments online.
  • Providing Cashwerkz with the ability to manage manual escalations via an ‘Agent’ login with the ability to update orders and/or holdings to reflect the results of manual escalations.
  • Providing both Investment Managers and Custodians with feedback regarding the status of submitted orders including the ability to view current orders and holdings for any specific fund
    The portal needed to be intuitive to use with good UX and UI.
  • A fresh design which maintained the professional financial outlook, but warm and engaging in feel.


Using research from existing portals, Matter’s UX and UI specialised designer worked closely with Cashwerkz to create a layout and system structure that suited their needs.

The designs were built to be fully responsive and easy to navigate. The system needed to be straightforward for users without training and have a clear progression so that it didn’t lose or confuse custodians or investors.



Creating the portal involved using the existing colours and styles, while adding a refreshed air of professionalism. The structures were first laid out in wireframes before being translated into mockups using Sketch and InVision. We customised the charts, and developed intuitive and easy-to-use UX for a seamless experience.

This all came together with our frontend developers working hand-in-hand with the Cashwerkz development team to realise the designs and set up the portal systems.


To represent the different field and stages of the portal,
we designed custom icons that were synonymous with the Cashwerkz style.

Desktop Landing Page

We developed a landing page for Cashwerkz that had to be built within their existing brand guidelines. We experimented with the User Experience of the overall layout, combining elements from the portal and their existing site.

We received positive feedback from Cashwerkz regarding our work for desktop computers. We have since been engaged by Cashwerkz to further develop their site and refresh it with similar designs.

Mobile Landing Page

Cashwerkz required a fully responsive experience on their landing page. We designed and coded a responsive website that works across all devices.


We used Vue.js with Vuetify Framework to build the platform. The portal was developed in collaboration with the Cashwerkz team using API’s. The whole application is running on AWS.

Using JSON, the Cashwerkz developers handed over all the table content and data, and we built the table component following the designs of our in-house design team.