Project Objective

The aim of the project was to develop and create the Comestri brand, including new messaging and design style, a website to launch the brand and a launch video. The brand was to be able to launch into international markets. 

The brand was to hold some links to its predecessor, CommerceConnect, but also be able to stand out more from other technology platforms not just in Australia, but around the world. 


CommerceConnect, as they were previously known, were about to extend overseas and needed a brand that would stand out in the crowded technology market. They needed a concept that highlighted the way they unified powerful enrichment and orchestration of data to better meet customer needs. They already had the name – Comestri – a play on the Italian ‘orchestri’ for orchestra and commerce, the name is rooted in the way their platform conducts and unifies all of the elements required for commerce.

We met with CommerceConnect on a number of occasions to workshop all of their ideas, drawing out their distinctive factors and highlighting their variety of audiences. After much deliberation we landed on the key message: technology that places the customer at the heart of your business.

From there we began to build out the rest of the brand, including the logo, brand style guidelines, a launch website, and launch video.


We wanted Comestri to stand out from other technology brands that put the customer at the end of the process. For Comestri, the customer is not merely the end point, but at the heart of all commerce processes and technology. The Comestri platform is continuously evolving and growing to incorporate more channels and integrations to better reach customers. It also enables powerful data enrichment so that more accurate data can be fed through to the customer. These together enable e-commerce companies that use Comestri to give their customers an unparalleled shopping and product experience.

To capture this in the logo and key graphic assets, we always began with the customer.

We developed a number of different ideas before landing on our final logo. It is the C wrapping around the customer icon, representing the way Comestri expands out from the customer and surrounds them to enable complete omni-channel customer-centric commerce.


We created a number of assets for Comestri in the lead up to the launch of their new brand. These included diagrams and graphics to help communicate their brand message and how their platform works, a launch video, and a new custom WordPress site.

Comestri Ring Diagram

The Comestri ring places the customer at the heart of all of the technology in a flourishing commerce business. The customer is represented using the universal person symbol. Surrounding the customer are all the different platforms a customer can interact with in making a purchase, these then link into the Comestri ring. The Comestri ring encapsulates the three key actions that the platform enables: product inventory management, channel management, and data orchestration. Surrounding the ring are the various platforms required for e-commerce, these connect into the Comestri ring highlighting how Comestri is the hub that integrates all relevant technology to create a unified and seamless omni-channel shopping experience for the customer.

PIM Icon and Diagram

The PIM icon represents the transferral of data from platforms to the product to create a richer product experience. The diagram takes this a step further to illustrate the different ways a product can be enriched by more data. 

Data Orchestration Icons and Diagram

The Data Orchestration icon demonstrates the way Comestri enables the organisation and hierarchisation of products and data for more control of product experience. The diagram expands on this idea by showcasing the way products and their data can be organised and structured out to behave in particular ways according to various dependants. For example, if a shopper comes from the USA and searches on Google, specific ads or product details may be shown. 

Channel Management Icon and Diagram

The Channel Management icon represents the way a product and it’s data can be pushed out across a variety of channels to consumers from one source. The Channel Management diagram alludes to the extensive connections available through Comestri, showing how root commerce platforms connect through Comestri to enrich the product data, to then be pushed out across multiple channels. The many threads are unified in Comestri, simplifying the process and enabling a better product and shopping experience.


Launch Video

Comestri wanted a simple video that could capture the message of the new brand and simply communicate what their platform does. The end product was a playful and captivating short animation that highlights the way data meets the customer to create the optimal product experience.


The Comestri website was built on WordPress. It uses PHP, HTML, CSS/SCSS, and javascript/jQuery. Our developers custom built the theme from the designs we produced through the many workshops with the client.

It was especially important that each section and field is highly customisable from the CMS so our frontend developer created a number of different modules with features that could be turned on and off by the client once the site was handed over. It was particularly interesting for us having to think about the UX of the backend as well, to ensure that everything was intuitive to use and edit. There really was design inside and out for this site build. 

Filters & Animation

Given Comestri works with such an ever expanding list of clients, channels and integrations, it was important that we built in powerful but easy to use filters. These filters allow users to find their relevant channels more easily and find how Comestri is the right fit for them. 

The site also features small key elements of HTML canvas animation. The animation ads a touch more movement and life to the site. We used HTML canvas animation as it is rendered by the browser, so it’s faster, smoother and saves bandwidth.

Thank you

We enjoyed working on the brand development and launch of Comestri, it came with unique challenges but our close partnership with the company made it much easier to overcome those.

We look forward to continuing to work with Comestri in the future and being a part of their journey as they expand into the international market.