Gillette Direct introduces the subscription model to the Australian market in partnership with The Consortium Clemenger. This type of subscription segment has experienced disruption from the likes of the Dollar Shave Club and Harrys, leading Gillette to re-introduce the model – Interestingly, Procter and Gamble offered a mail order subscription service in the 1960s.

This six-month-long project required us to build a system that passed the stringent security and privacy requirements of P&Gs global architecture review board and risk process.

Under the management of lead agency The Art of Digital, Matter worked with the designers at Webqem to build out a highly integrated system. The system is based around the BigCommerce platform – Procter & Gamble’s e-commerce platform of choice. We worked closely with performance marketing agency TenFour to deliver a platform that would enable their industry-leading acquisition strategies to drive sales with targeted and low-cost campaigns.

The system we delivered was described as “gold standard” by P&G.


Why buy razors on subscription? Well firstly, they are consumable products that need to be replaced to give you the cleanest shave.

Secondly, Gillette makes superior razors, blades that shave better and stay sharp longer so you don’t need to throw so many out. If you want proof, compare how many cartridges their competitors need to send you each month.

To sweeten the deal, you save money, get it delivered to your door and get access to beautifully designed limited edition product.

The strategy was to coordinate logistics, marketing, design and technology to deliver a service to Gillette customers with the level of precision and ease that the brand is known for. To achieve this, four agencies worked together, each focussing on one aspect of the project to divide, collaborate and conquer.


The team at Webqem headed up the design process, working with Matter on the UX process to align the design with technical considerations of the system we specified for the project. Webqem developed the UX into wireframes and visual interface designs that would be built by Matter.

Designs were implemented as a custom built theme for BigCommerce, and the Gillette Direct look would also be carried through connected systems including Klaviyo for marketing automation and Rebillia to run subscriptions. Despite the different systems serving the content, our developers were able to achieve a consistent design across all communications.


Our scope focussed on the technology, a system of interconnected SaaS platforms that function in unison with API connections linking them together. Matter communicated the system to all stakeholders, including partner agencies and multiple departments at P&G, with a detailer system architecture diagram detailing the platforms and the specifics of how they connect. Thoughts on the future roadmap were taken into account to allow for extensibility and optimisation to be implemented.

P&G uphold strict customer privacy policies, and any system associated with them is reviewed meticulously to ensure compliance. Our system architecture and supporting documentation was reviewed by their global architecture review board. Their feedback that our documentation was to such a high standard they are looking to it the new standard for all documentation was very pleasing recognition for our team.

Desktop showcase

Tablet showcase

The user experience of Gillette Direct is built for speed, so that users can efficiently make their choices at each step. Large clear buttons suiting to touch screen feature throughout the website, making this possible on tablet and mobile.

Mobile showcase

Mobile interactions make up the majority of visits on most websites these days, so developing a responsive interface that could operate on mobile was essential.