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Project Objective

Matter Design & Digital was tasked with developing a new e-commerce experience that would extend the ITSKINS brand and product across a global audience. ITSKINS required a scalable infrastructure to handle their growing number of categories and SKUs, as well as B2B and B2C capabilities.

Utilising the functionalities of the flexible and scalable BigCommerce infrastructure, the new e-commerce system would incorporate the following features: 

  • Strong representation of the ITSKINS brand identity  
  • Advanced predictive search and visual merchandising using Searchspring
  • B2C + B2B capabilities
  • Fast browse functionality
  • Multi-storefront & multi-currency using BigCommerce
  • Manageable use of pop-ups and marketing email using Klaviyo
Main ITSKINS Desktop View


The ITSKINS lead came through our partners at BigCommerce. Our director, Nigel Poole, liaised with the Hong Kong-based client via Zoom. They discussed the needs and objectives of the Magento re-platform, which at the time was returning unfitting results for the client. Matter listened and learnt about the key pain points of ITSKINS.

They needed an e-commerce infrastructure built to manage a large number of products and variants, and the ability to organise those products in a way that made product discovery easy and intuitive for the online customer. And so we put together a Tech Stack outlining these needs and the technologies to solve them. 


The strategy was to build a website that could be replicated to meet the multi-storefront objective required by the client. ITSKINS currently services the USA and Europe, with a long-term goal to establish an online store in over 40 regions worldwide. The decision to use BigCommerce made this long-term goal more achievable, as it provides the capabilities for multi-currency functionality to enable users to purchase products in their preferred currency.

To meet the B2B objectives of the project, Matter strategised building out the B2B functionality within the store instance. BigCommerce infrastructure offers unified commerce to wholesale and retail customers capabilities, with easy integrations to mission-critical systems like ERP, PIM, CRM, etc.

ITSKINS Second Feature Image with Desktop View


ITSKINS were detailed in their RFP (Request For Proposal) about what they wanted in a website, and Matter was able to provide and deliver solutions to their requirements, with an intense focus on UX/UI design.

Matter incorporated ITSKINS sleek branding to visualise the e-commerce website and customer experience. We carefully considered the design and functionality of the unique elements of the ITSKINS brand, including the angular design of the buttons. 

Focus was placed on the customisation of the PDP so as to offer users a chance to shop visually, and more easily find related products and categories.

Mobile PDP Example ITSKINS



The website utilises native BigCommerce multi-currency capabilities. The site is configured to show prices in different currencies so shoppers can access pricing and check out using their preferred currency. Enabling customers to pay in their native currency helps to avoid currency conversion fees that may be charged by banks or lending institutions. It also provides a more consistent and positive shopping experience for users.

Searchspring Integration

Searchspring offers advanced search and visual merchandising capabilities. The application delivers visual, immersive content to the frontend giving the user an effortless customer experience and a short path to purchase. The result is a high converting website and platform for building the brand across multiple markets globally. The custom BigCommerce Stencil frontend renders pages with data served from Searchspring and BigCommerce enabling a fast-loading, content-rich e-commerce experience.

Searchspring Filtering

WordPress CMS

Matter created a WordPress integration onto the BigCommerce framework so ITSKINS gained full flexibility and control over certain content on their website. The WordPress CMS administers ITSKINS’s ‘Home’ and ‘Blog’ sections. Each post has different kinds of views and styling, as well as a number of editable components.



B2B E-commerce

Matter built a custom B2B frontend interface for ITSKINS B2B operations. With the BigCommerce Customer Groups functionality, customers can browse through custom PDP and PLP pages, as well as gain access to the ITSKINS product roadmap.

B2B communication is made easier using bespoke PDP banners (powered by WordPress), and dynamic downloadable PDFs that share product release dates and product-specific data with trade customers.

A BundleB2B integration handles offline ordering for ITSKINS wholesale customers.

ITSKINS PLP Desktop Example


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses, featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. ITSKINS’s emails are powered by Klaviyo thanks to a BigCommerce systems integration by the team at Matter.