Project Objective

Matter was chosen to create a bespoke e-commerce experience that met the vision of the Nexba team.

Their expectations were to:

“Create an exciting – modern user experience that positions Nexba as a fun, playful sugar-free alternative”

“Connect with the end consumer – Share the Nexba story!”


Key objectives included:

  • A website that will connect with the end customer through creativity, collaboration and the provision of high-quality products
  • A website that makes use of native BigCommerce functionality
  • A website that clearly showcases the Nexba brand persona
  • The ability to integrate with external systems like Klaviyo & Amazon
  • The ability to excel Nexba into a global marketplace
The desktop view of the Nexba website


After a consultation with the Nexba team, Matter was able to understand the needs of their business and their vision. This was a Shopify to BigCommerce replatform, and Nexba was looking for a platform that was easy to manage and easy to integrate. BigCommerce was selected as the platform of choice for its stability and ability to scale.  

Later in the project, our Lead Project Manager, Nick, joined the Nexba team to strategise and enter the design phase. In collaboration with their visionary team, Sophie, Amanda, Nicolla, and Taylor, the Nexba project commenced.  



From the get-go, Nexba was set up to scale. With a global vision in mind, Matter created a BigCommerce experience that could be cloned to reach the international market. After the discovery phase, key milestones were set, and systems integrations were discussed and signed off.

The Nexba team went over and above to define their needs page by page, taking a customer-centred approach to map out a seamless e-commerce experience for their online audience. They mapped out the inventory management, chose an ERP and finalised the Tech Stack.

Nexba drinks animated GIF - Fun


The team at Matter delivered three design rounds, with Nexba’s clear brand vision front of mind. The site was to be playful, animated and align with Nexba’s colourful brand guidelines. 

Of the three designs put forward, Nexba narrowed it down to one. In collaboration with Nexba, our designer Alberto transformed a basic BigCommerce Cornerstone theme into a vibrant, energetic design that saw Nexba’s brand persona shine through.

Specific detail was placed on the speech bubble elements on the homepage, animations, full-bleed banner, and Nexba’s stand-out statistics on how much sugar has been removed from Aussie diets thanks to their sugar-free kombucha. 

We’re pretty proud of this one. Check out the designs here

Nexba example of the product page


Nexba’s Tech Stack is composed of a number of third-party systems integrations, chosen strategically to help deliver a seamless e-commerce experience for the Nexba customer. 

The project was led by Matter lead developer, Alfred David, working in collaboration with Tammy Kanashiro.

WordPress CMS Integration

Matter created a WordPress integration onto the BigCommerce framework so Nexba gained full flexibility and control over certain content on their website. The WordPress CMS administers Nexba’s ‘Blog’ section. Each post has different kinds of views and styling, as well as a number of editable components. This was made possible through Matter’s WordPress to BigCommerce App.

Mobile designs for Nexba blog

Amazon Seller Central Integration

Nexba’s inventory is managed by Amazon Seller Central (ASC) and so Matter built an integration between ASC and BigCommerce using an app called Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment by WebBee. This way, we were able to map Amazon Product SKUs with BigCommerce Product SKUs to products and used for inventory.

Amazon Seller Central logo

Braintree Payments

Braintree is a full-stack payments platform that makes it easy for merchants like Nexba to accept payments online. The provider is popular amongst scaled startups like Uber, AirBnB and Patreon. Nexba chose Braintree for its full range of standard features, secure payment gateway and variety of customisation options.

Braintree payment gateway logo


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses, featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. Nexba’s emails are powered by Klaviyo thanks to a BigCommerce systems integration by the team at Matter.
Klaviyo logo

Snapppt Integration

Snapppt powers the footer Instagram banner. It is connected to Nexba’s Instagram feed and allows users to check the prices of a product simply by clicking on the image. Prices are displayed in a pop-up (customised by Matter) and users are then able to click directly through to the PDP of the product they wish to purchase.