OldForester Bourbon on the rocks

Project Objective

Brown–Forman Corporation was looking for a new channel that would allow their consumers to purchase limited edition and special products online, and have orders shipped directly to customer.

Matter was entrusted to build the new store on the BigCommerce platform, leveraging complex order management functionalities to meet the objectives of the project.

Key project objectives included:

  • A new online experience for customers
  • The ability to connect the BigCommerce store to WordPress
  • Lightspeed inventory management
  • Shipping rules based on state
  • Geolocation abilities
  • Compliance with laws surrounding the online sale of alcohol 
  • The use of native BigCommerce functionality
Old Forester Desktop View


Matter was referred to the Brown-Forman USA team through our relationship with Brown-Forman Australia. After the success of the Australian site, we were assigned to the Old Forester build.

The Brown-Forman team presented their direct-to-customer strategy in one of the first discovery sessions with the Matter team.

We mapped out how to leverage BigCommerce to optimise the customer purchase workflow which had to cater to a variety of objectives including the ability to display real-time inventory data and prompt real-time geolocation. 


One of the biggest challenges of the project was the variety of product rules to cater for. For example, different states in the US have different laws relating to the shipment of alcohol so the strategy had to include a customer-centric solution to call and display shipping options based on geolocation and ‘State’ field.

Our product manager, Nick, and our technology specialists worked closely with the Brown-Forman team to map this out, along with other project solutions such as the ability for the system to call on real-time inventory and the ability to connect the store to Old Forester’s WordPress frontend. A multifaceted Tech Stack was then developed and approved.

Old Forester Bourbon


The creative strategy was to present a sleek, clean interface and focus on the key elements of the user journey such as the display of relevant purchasing information. Building on the BigCommerce Cornerstone Light theme, Matter implemented Old Forester’s branding guidelines and, with minimal customization, we were able to create a clean and refined e-commerce experience for the Old Forester customer.

PLP View Old Forester


We chose to build the Old Forester new website on BigCommerce because the platform has the API capabilities and technical functionality to meet the project objectives mentioned above.

We leveraged the functionality provided by the BigCommerce Cornerstone Light theme and customized it in a way that met the objectives of this project.


Geo-targeting is the practice of delivering an online experience to users based on their location. Matter implemented a pop-up that allows users to state their location when they enter the site. The location influences product data by assigning tags to certain products. E.g. if you are located in Washington D.C product is available for shipping. However, if you are located in Utah shipping is not available. These rules are configured into the PDP and the checkout page, allowing users to edit their selection at multiple stages of the checkout process.

Old Forester Mobile View

Shipping Configuration

One of the key objectives of this project was to find a solution that would cater to the varied alcohol shipping laws in the country’s 52 states. We wanted to clearly display the shipping rules for each product, defined by a user’s location. This was achieved with the use of the A2C app and manual configuration of JSON strings attached to each product that show the shipping options for the geolocation of the user. This information is displayed at various levels of the user journey and changes if the user edits their location. 

Shipping Options Example

Shopping Cart Timer

The Old Forester brand offers a number of limited-release products. They often promote these limited editions by sending an EDM to their customer base who can gain real-time access to the sale. This process is very time-critical and must rely on complete accuracy of inventory. The strategy to ensure the accuracy of inventory and fairness of availability was to create a shopping cart time that it set to 10 minutes. If a user has not completed the checkout by this time their product goes back on the (e-commerce) shelf. This functionality is achieved through customization and reliance on Lightspeed inventory.

Cart Timer Example


In order to adhere to US Alcohol Law and the online sale of Liquor we:

  • implemented Alcohol2Consumer – a modern solution for direct-to-consumer alcohol sales. The app is a turnkey, enterprise-ready solution for combining the selling power of BigCommerce with the compliance automation of shipping integrations.
  • implemented an ‘Age gate’ pop-up that stops users on website entry and asks them to enter their age. If they are not over the legal drinking age they will not be able to enter the site. This functionality is a bespoke solution using a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Compliance example