Angela Bonnefin from Bonnefin Property approached us wanting a brand refresh. She was changing her business name to Retail Strategy and simply wanted a new logo to communicate the change.

Creating the new logo led to a website redesign that brightened and refined the style of the Retail Strategy brand.

Retail Strategy business card design


To develop the new brand identity, we looked into elements of the retail property space. We wanted to capture the concepts of space and openness, the rigidness and lines of construction and architecture, and the playfulness of retail. Angela also wanted to keep connection with the strong pink of the original Bonnefin Property brand, so we incorporated the pink into a number of designs and collaborated with Angela on her preferences.

She is a creative and insightful woman and we refined the designs to produce something she felt good about. Our designers then created a new sales deck in Keynote to match. That was when Angela fell in love with the simplicity and crispness of the new design that ultimately led to a complete brand refresh. Designing the new website employed incorporating elements of her old site with the sleekness of the new keynote presentation. The overall product was a fresher, lighter brand which still maintained its professionalism.


New logo

The new logo combined an awareness of the space and rigidity of architecture and construction with the creativity of retail design. The cross-over represents the collaboration and connection involved in the process of working in retail strategy.

Custom lettering

Our experienced graphic designer developed custom typography for Retail Strategy using a refined, structured and geometric style. It aligned with Retail Strategy’s clientele and positioning within the retail planning, strategy and space design industry.

Brand Guidelines

To accompany Retail Strategy’s new logo, we developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines with a strong and coherent set of stylistic rules to keep their brand consistency across all platforms.

Keynote presentation design

Integrating the new logo and brand style into the Retail Strategy presentation was an essential part of the rebrand process. The creative layouts, fresh design, and crisp new typeface gave the presentation a lighter, cleaner feel.

The beautiful designs led Angela Bonnefin to decide to redesign her website to bring everything into alignment with the new brand.

Website design from a keynote presentation

Designing a website from a keynote presentation was a fun experiment in design, space and simplicity. Our designers worked closely with the developers to create layouts that had intuitive UX and UI and worked within the WordPress frameworks, but maintained the cleanness of using Keynote.

The overall result was a beautiful, fresh site that works well as a showcase website. Retail Strategy was very happy with the result.

Desktop Layouts

We developed a simple yet effective range of website layouts for Retail Strategy, which were all approved and coded by our in-house developers.

The overall result was a beautiful, clean site that works well as a display and portfolio showcase website. Retail Strategy was very happy with the result.


We developed responsive layouts for the entire website so that all of Retail Strategy’s clients can easily browse the website on all devices.


Custom Wordpress site

The Retail Strategy site was adapted from the previous Bonnefin Property site, while being stylised according to principles in keynote. It is built on WordPress but is custom coded using HTML and CSS to enable the responsive design.

It uses JavaScript and jQuery for small responsive animations. PHP is used to set up filters to output and select specific images and information.

Retail Strategy Mobile Design

Creating a new e-newsletter template

Designing for e-newsletters is much more complex and limited because it involves catering for different email providers, browsers and screen sizes. Our developers worked closely with our designers each step of the way to build a custom email template that is responsive and maintains the new brand look and feel across different devices and platforms. They code in HTML and use Campaign Monitor to manage and send the templates and campaigns. This was then integrated into the new site.