Project Objective

In April 2020, THE UPSIDE selected Matter Design & Digital as the agency to deliver their next-generation e-commerce system. This appointment was the culmination of a competitive bid process between a shortlist of hand-selected agencies and platforms.

Matter was tasked with creating a truly unique, cutting edge experience for customers centred around bringing THE UPSIDE website to a higher level of e-commerce experience using features such as:

  • Increased flexibility for the client to build and add content to their site
  • Product data connection to Apparel 21 enriched by Zimble middleware
  • Advanced predictive search and visual merchandising using Searchspring
  • A modern shopping experience for users
  • A focus on design and imagery
  • An omnichannel approach to e-commerce
  • Manageable use of pop-ups and marketing email using Klaviyo
  • A shoppable on-site Instagram feed using Snapppt


THE UPSIDE chose BigCommerce and Matter Design & Digital as our platform and partner agency following several months working through our functional requirements across a number of platforms and partners. We couldn’t be happier with the choice we made.

The team is highly knowledgeable, commercial, pragmatic and responsive – in short they know their stuff, and are great to work with. We went through the entire journey together, from concepts through design and then to development. We set incredibly high standards, and they delivered to that level – every time.

Commercially, outcomes following deployment have exceeded our expectation. We like the site, but most importantly our customers are telling us both via feedback and through outcomes, that they do too.

Paul Burdekin CEO THE UPSIDE


In early March 2020 Matter CEO Nigel Poole met with THE UPSIDE CEO Paul Burdekin and Operations Manager Jesse Chan to discuss the project. At this point, THE UPSIDE was about to proceed with a Shopify build, however, Matter was able to convince them that their solution using BigCommerce, Searchspring and Zimble middleware was going to be a superior system.

THE UPSIDE team were explicit in their RFP (Request For Proposal) about what they wanted in a website, and Matter was able to provide and deliver solutions to their requirements, with an intense focus on UX/UI design.



The build was always going to be customer-first, and Matter’s director Nigel Poole mapped how this would be achieved in this complex, yet exemplary, Tech Stack.

The solution was based on building three regional websites integrated via Zimble into THE UPSIDE’s Apparel 21 ERP. The system would allow THE UPSIDE to sell effectively in each region with control of seasonal merchandising, currency and content. 

BigCommere was selected as the platform of choice as it provided the flexibility and API capabilities for integrations with systems mentioned above, and more, as well as multi-currency functionality to enable users to buy in $AUD or $USD.

The custom BigCommerce Stencil frontend renders pages with data served from Searchspring and BigCommerce enabling a fast-loading, content-rich e-commerce experience. Product data is enriched and orchestrated in Zimble middleware which also provides the connection to their Apparel 21 ERP. 



With a remarkable 10-rounds of design, Matter went over-and-above to visualise THE UPSIDE’s e-commerce website and customer experience. Starting with a basic BigCommerce theme, our designer Kate Szmurlo incorporated design requests, stunning imagery, modern UX and a style that would make THE UPSIDE’s website stand out amongst its competitors.

We carefully considered the design and functionality of the Snapppt integration and the customisation of the PDP so as to offer users a chance to shop visually, and more easily find related products and categories.



Searchspring Integration

Searchspring offers advanced search and visual merchandising capabilities. The application delivers visual, immersive content to the frontend giving the user an effortless customer experience and a short path to purchase. The result is a high converting website and platform for building the brand across multiple markets globally.


Zimble & Apparel 21 Integration

Product data is enriched and orchestrated in Zimble middleware which also provides the connection to their Apparel 21 ERP. Matter utilised the unique functions and open-source API capabilities of the BigCommerce platform to connect the two systems together and allow the flow of data between systems.





The ipstack API services enabled Matter to incorporate functionality that locates and identifies website visitors at a stage before any data is entered into the system. The data received from the API is used to enhance the user experience based on location, and assess risks and potential threats to the web application in real-time.


WordPress CMS

Matter created a WordPress integration onto the BigCommerce framework so THE UPSIDE gained full flexibility and control over certain content on their website. The WordPress CMS administers THE UPSIDE’s ‘Home’ and ‘Blog’ section. Each post has different kinds of views and styling, as well as a number of editable components. WordPress and Vimeo are used to power the video on the homepage – a full custom integration by Matter.




Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses, featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. THE UPSIDE’s emails are powered by Klaviyo thanks to a BigCommerce systems integration by the team at Matter.  

Klaviyo logo

Snapppt Integration

Snapppt powers the footer Instagram banner. It is connected to THE UPSIDE’s Instagram feed and allows users to check the prices of a product simply by clicking on the image. Prices are displayed in a pop-up (customised by Matter) and users are then able to click directly through to the PDP of the product they wish to purchase.


The website utilises native BigCommerce multi-currency capabilities. The site is configured to show prices in different currencies so shoppers can access pricing and check out using their preferred currency. Enabling customers to pay in their native currency helps to avoid currency conversion fees that may be charged by banks