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Tiger Trays came to us with excellent, high quality products but limited online presence and an outdated site. They wanted to become a go-to brand for excellent ute supplies and needed a site that captured their bold attitude as industry leaders for quality and durability, as well as a digital marketing strategy and SEO to match.

They engaged us for a complete redesign and web-build that was responsive, showcased their products, and could provide an online quoting system. They also required a new digital marketing strategy and an SEO overhaul to put them at the top of the list for premium ute trays and accessories.


“Matter Design was entrusted to develop a new website for Tiger Trays and to place and manage our Google Adwords marketing campaign. It has been a pleasure working with Nigel and his team and the results in terms of increased traffic they have brought has surpassed our expectations. Amazing stuff. Thank you Matter.”

David Rabie Director Tiger Trays


Matter did some research into the main Tiger audience: tradies. Tradies are generally on the go, and require quick answers and access to resources and content needs to be bold and engaging to remain rememberable. They have a strong network of relationships so social sharing is an important part of their everyday.

This led to us developing a strategy for simple and bold design and content, easy to use UX and UI for clear navigation of the site, a focus on excellent SEO and Google Ads, and engaging and shareable content on their social media. Their brand needed a strong online presence across multiple platforms.


Our research overflowed into strong and creative responsive UX and UI. Matter created a striking style guide in line with the Tiger brand. We created engaging graphics and chose clear fonts to keep the site simple and easily navigable. We developed an online quoting system to make it quicker for tradies to compare options, even while out on site.

We refined the SEO of the Tiger Trays site to ensure they are leaders in their keywords (try typing ‘ute trays’ into Google). Our social media strategy features curating entertaining, humourous and useful content with strong imagery to appeal to the tradie culture.


The Tiger Trays project was built on WordPress and incorporates elements of WooCommerce. It is entirely responsive and developed to be engaging, fast and intuitive to use.

In our ongoing work with Tiger Trays we also manage Google Analytics, Adwords and Facebook ads, social media and their marketplace on Ebay.

An Everyday Tradesman

Matter Design worked on the end-to-end design and development of the new and improved Tiger Trays website, implementing a modern, sleek interface and an engaging user experience. Combining the Tiger Trays branding with a smoother user flow that allows users to browse through a range of categorised products, configure products according to their options, and submit an online quote.

Simplifying a Complex Menu

With over 40 products available, Tiger Trays wanted their customers to be able to easily browse through the site to find the product most suited to them. Matter created a complex mega-menu that links customers with their desired product or product category.

Unique Wishlist

As part of the user experience, Tiger Trays’ customers can add a range of fully customisable products to their Wishlist, which can be viewed and edited from anywhere within the website.

Feature Panels

To highlight the unique offerings of Tiger Trays and their stand-out performance, Matter added editable feature panels into the content management system to make it easier to direct users to Tiger Trays’ feature pages.


Matter also created a WYSIWYG editor in the WordPress backend where testimonials can be added to highlight feedback from Tiger Trays’ top clients. There is also a placement for a client logo, name and position.

Tiger Trays Packages

Phase two of the Tiger Trays build was to highlight Tiger Trays’ unique package offerings, to appeal to the Tradie market. Composite products were added to the menu, and Matter built a system that allows the user to select and unselect package components to customise the product according to the user’s needs.

Responsive Design

68% of Tiger Trays’ website visitors will visit from a mobile or tablet device. Matter designed this into a responsive user experience and user interface, with an end-to-end solution for online orders.

Mobile Quote Experience

The Tiger Trays website is designed for Tradies on the go. A Tradie will be able to browse through the Tiger Trays products list, add products to their Wishlist, manage their Wishlist, and then submit an online quote request which generates a notification to the Tiger Trays sales team.

Digital Marketing

Matter works closely with Tiger Trays to optimise their digital presence on an ongoing bases. Using tools such as Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Active Campaign and Ebay, Matter helps Tiger Trays to target their best online audience and reach their business goals.

Google Analytics

Analytics is a critical component for businesses wanting a strong online presence. Matter uses Google Analytics to map out digital decisions for the Tiger Trays brand, and track their user’s behaviour, as well as acquisition.

Social Style Guide

To establish the rules for the Tiger Trays brand Matter created a style guide comprising of logos, fonts, colours, icons, slogans and illustrations. This style guide is used across all Tiger Trays social media platforms.