Project Objective

The implementation of new branding elements into a BigCommerce online concept store, integrated with external systems via custom APIs and designed using global elements that carry the Toymate brand experience consistently.

The project scope included:

1. A website built with a mobile friendly responsive theme
2. Integration with Jasper PIM
3. Integration with StoreMapper to show the user nearby stores and stock available in store
4. The ability for users to filter by stores that offer delivery


Matter. worked closely with Toymate to map out the various phases of the project, from the initial launch of the newly branded website to the sequential launches of e-commerce functionality and systems integrations. Before release, our team developed a project specification document that detailed the API connections required between systems, including Jasper PIM and StoreMapper.

We chose to work with the BigCommerce Stencil theme framework as it allows for full customisation of the layout design and is supported by one of the world’s best content delivery networks.


The strategy behind the Toymate website was to build a website that not only engages the audience online but drives people into Toymate’s retail stores. The unique challenge on this project was to create a solution that promotes the closest store where the customer can buy the product they are interested in. Working with data from Jasper PIM, and data from StoreMapper, we tell the customer where the closest store is that they can buy that product.

The website is primarily product-catalogue focussed but clearly promotes store information. These components were the main focus when we strategised the implementation of a mega-menu and a comprehensive product search bar that allows the user to sort and filter by prices high to low or low to high, newest products, best sellers and featured products.


A soon to be opened concept store featuring new branding elements was the benchmark for the creative direction of the Toymate BigCommerce store.

Matter. replicated the same online experience of their brick and mortar stores with a custom designed homepage and global elements that carried the brand experience consistently.



BigCommerce has been the core platform to build the custom solutions required to meet the specific user experience for Toymate.

BigCommerce has handled the extensive store-based product data and provided for a custom API integration with StoreMapper and Jasper to create this functionality in the store.

Custom E-commerce Development

Matter. built a custom function that will tell the user if the product of choice is available to deliver in their chosen region, while simultaneously checking if the product is in stock. If there is physical stock in store then the user will have the option to add to cart or show information why they cannot add to cart at this time. This check also happens in the cart and checkout pages.

Systems Integration

Matter. developed custom API integrations between BigCommerce and external systems Jasper and StoreMapper. The main feature acts to: Get the user’s locations pending their permission —> Display stores that are close to the user’s location —-> Show detailed information about the products in store and their stock status. The stock status is based on the amount of physical stock in the store. This information is gathered through the API connection between BigCommerce and Jasper.