Project Objective

Tradelink was in the market to re-launch their existing Tradelink website with a best-in-class online e-commerce experience that fully integrates with the rest of their tech stack (new and current partners) and delivers a seamless end-to-end consumer experience. 

Mobile responsiveness was a key element in the build, with the aim to improve the website’s Google rank.

Key Objectives: 

  • Transformation journey – from brick and mortar to an omnichannel environment
  • To offer selections for large construction companies to small to medium enterprises involved in renovations and maintenance
  • Enhance the user experience by utilising native BigCommerce functionality Eg. wishlists & product filters
  • Grow the online sales capability for Tradelink while delivering a market-leading user experience
  • Mobile-first user experience
  • Higher B2C capability
  • Extensive product search functionality using Klevu 


Matter met with the Tradelink marketing team to understand the design requirements for their business. What Tradelink wanted to achieve was a website that connects with the end customer through creativity, collaboration, and the ability to share inspiration and projects with stakeholders (tradies, designers, retail customers).

Once the design requirements were reviewed, design mockups were conceptualised by Matter’s UX/UI designer, Alberto.

Mockups were constructed of desktop and mobile designs. UI designs were presented as prototypes on InVision Studio and tweaked according to feedback from the Tradelink team.

Matter agreed to launch the website in phases. Starting with phase 1A & B – a non-transactional B2C website that displays local pricing using the BigCommerce Price Lists functionality, and then launching phase 2 – a transactional site with advanced B2C e-commerce features.



Matter’s strategy commenced by clarifying how the website requirements would be executed to meet the functional solutions proposed by the Tradelink team. We mapped out how we would utilise the unique functions and open-source API capabilities of the BigCommerce platform to connect to systems including Klevu, DotDigital, Oracle, SimplyBookMe and our store finder product called Localisr.

Additional functionalities were then reviewed and scoped into the website build. This included – 

  • The ability for local pricing using Price Lists
  • A ‘Shop The Look’ section where users can browse products based on a room/renovation
  • A ‘My Projects’ section where users can group products based on a renovation/build
  • The option to ‘Book an Appointment’ at any of their 250 store locations
  • A ‘Store Locator’ functionality


Our UX/UI designer worked with the idea of a custom Stencil framework to meet the project brief for Tradelink. The key consideration in the design was to incorporate sleek, modern design elements to move away from the standard designs of many tradie websites, and appeal to a wider audience such as the home renovator or renovation enterprise. 

We carefully considered the design and functionality of the ‘Shop The Look’ & ‘Inspiration’ pages that offer users the chance to shop visually, segmenting the categories into areas of the home.

Our UI design takes on a more user-centric, design-focused approach, that differs greatly to the generic renovations and trade websites currently operating in the online space.



‘My Projects’ Functionality

It is a common user requirement that one of Tradelink’s customer groups, such as a renovation company or individual home renovator, would want to share products they will use for a renovation. This user journey inspired the ability for the ‘My Projects’ section on the Tradelink website.

The section leverages the BigCommerce ‘Wishlist’ functionality and saves browser history so that users do not lose track of the items they have been browsing. Users can create a wish list, share their wish list with family or trades and/or submit their wish list to Tradelink to start the buying process.


Regional Pricing

Tradelink has a complex pricing structure across its national retail footprint which provides for different pricing for regions across Australia.

Using the BigCommerce Price Lists & Customer Groups functionality, Matter built a calculator that allows a customer to input a postcode or choose a store from the store locator and the interface displays the corresponding store price.


'Shop the Look' & 'Buying Guides'

The Tradelink ‘Shop the Look’ section is a customised version of the BigCommerce categories functionality. It brings together similar products so that users can shop according to their functions or respective decor. One of the highlights of the ‘Shop the Look’ page is the ability to add all products to the quote, improving the convenience options for the Tradelink customer.

The Tradelink ‘Buying Guides’ section is a customised version of the BigCommerce categories functionality and the category details section. The pages bring in images and text elements to provide thorough detail for various categories of home renovations.


Localisr Integration | Store Mapper

Tradelink has 200+ branches across Australia. Customers buy through the Showroom and Trade branches serviced by experienced and knowledgeable staff giving the brand a local feel. It was important that the website experience reflected this type of customer interaction, and using Localisr we enabled the following features:
  • Find a store
  • Nearest store
  • Regional pricing
  • Click and collect
  • Book an appointment
These features make the web experience relevant and accurate for the customer based on their individual location.