The discovery session for this project unveiled 4 key project successors:

  • Integrated SAAS Tech Stack
  • An agile approach to test, learn and optimise
  • Cornerstone theme with page builder editability
  • Scalability for new offerings and new markets

We worked with the Upfitter team to understand their consumer and map out consumer journeys. This was a key driver in creating a website that met the needs of the Upfitter customer and provided users with an ideal online shopping experience.

Our discovery led to the creation of the below Tech Stack.


Upfitter - System Architecture - Tesh Stack


Building on the BigCommerce Cornerstone Light theme, we implemented an extremely strong Branding Toolkit created in partnership with Chris Doyle and Co.

The branding features a bold colour palette consisting of rich Orange, Teal, Steele and Charcoal as well as Black and White throughout. 

This palette combined tremendously with our use of Font’s ‘Druk’ and ‘SCTO Grotesk’ to deliver impactful web pages that draw users through the user experience. 

With minimal customization, we brought start-up Upfitter’s new brand to life.



We chose to build Upfitter’s new website on BigCommerce because we feel that the platform has the technical capabilities to nurture the kind of growth Upfitter requires.

We leveraged the functionality provided by the BigCommerce Cornerstone Light theme and customised it in a way that met the objectives of this project.

Responsive browsing

The direction from the get-go was to ensure the website would cater to the mobile user, with simple ability to:

  • Add products to a ‘wishlist
  • Find related products
  • Make a purchase
  • Browse by categories
  • Filter & search products

Find an Installer

Matter implemented a Store Mapper so that customers can route products to ‘installers’. Customers have the ability to turn up with their vehicle, have the installer ready with the part, conduct the installation, and then be on their way

So rather than the vehicle part being delivered to the customer’s home address, the customer has access to the ‘installers’.