When a startup business succeeds, it has to build for scale. Such is the case for WedShed, an online platform that brings together a collection of unique venues to hire for weddings, in both Australia & New Zealand.
As WedShed’s customers increased, so did the need for manual online user management.

Matter was approached to build a self service platform that would enable customers to manage their own accounts online. The portal that Matter built includes management of paid subscriptions, venue and vendor profiles, search criteria and performance analysis.


“We engaged Matter Design to help us automate a significant part of our online business, and are so pleased to have partnered with these guys. Nigel and the team are knowledgeable and friendly and we’ve always felt confident in their ability to deliver a product that is cleverly designed and that will take us into the future. We look forward to continuing to work together would easily recommend them to any business.”

Amy Parfett Founder and Director Wedshed


Wedshed needed a portal to enable customers to register and update their information online and reduce their manual administration. The different stages of registration would trigger emails to keep customers informed and maintain the B2C relationship.

For that, Matter devised to build Wedshed an web application that matched their crisp design and was simple to use. This included creating custom integrations and automations with Active Campaign.


Our developers built a complex portal highly customising the WordPress framework. In order to integrate with the existing Wedshed site, the team built a new API to ensure the portal instantly automatically updated the blog site.

They also customised the Active Campaign and Stripe integrations, while our digital marketing team set up their multiplex automations. The portal is also fully responsive and monitored using Google Analytics.


Our designers worked to match the tones and styles of the Wedshed site, avoiding the overused pinks and florals of other similar sites, but keeping the soft green and sleek style. Matter’s UX and UI specialist worked to create a portal that was intuitive and easy to use so that it was accessible for an array of clients.

That included creating custom iconography to indicate categories and improve usage.

Custom Iconography

Matter designed custom iconography for the WedShed portal and public facing website.

The iconography was designed to accentuate the WedShed branding and provide a simple user experience.

Our digital marketing specialists strategised how to best find the balance in employing automations to follow up, inform and encourage customers along their journey with Wedshed. They then worked with the developers to integrate these systems into the portal.

Mobile Experience

63% of WedShed’s customers will access their website on a mobile or tablet device. The custom user interface design of the portal is made in a way that allows users to access all areas of their profile, no matter where they are or what device they are browsing from.

Active Campaign

The WedShed portal is connected to Active Campaign, a popular customer relationship manager (CRM) and email marketing platform. The platforms are connected using a customised API that has been coded to send custom data from the portal to Active Campaign, in order to facilitate accurate user email automations according to subscription plan level or member status.

Google Analytics

It is important for WedShed’s customers to be able to track the amount of enquiries and page views that they receive. Matter integrated an online dashboard that links

to Google Analytics, where users can have a visual representation of their profile views, website visits, customer enquiries and social media interaction.

1. Request your Invitation

Users sign up to the portal via the online signup form, complete with a reCAPTCHA to eliminate spam enquiries. A request will be sent via email to the WedShed team.

2. Review & Approve

The WedShed team will review the user details and see if they are appropriate for partnership. An automated email is then generated from Active Campaign.

3. Subscription

The user will now have the opportunity to partner with WedShed on their range of subscriptions. Online payment is set up using the secure Stripe credit card payment platform.

4. Create your Profile

This is where the fun starts! Users will be able to customise their own online profile. They have the ability to upload logos, images and even videos that will be showcased on their own individual profile page.

Users can make edits to their profile at any time, and as mentioned above, they will be able to access data analytics, subscription information and global advice, from any browser or device.

5. Go live

The finished product is a full page profile on WedShed’s public facing website where customers can make enquiries, bookings or just find information about the specific vendor or venue.