We help our clients to improve their brand identity. We’ll workshop your brand with you, developing branding messaging, design style, audience and positioning to make sure your customers talk about you. But more than that, they talk about you in the way you want.

Where we come in

  • Brand exploration, concepts and strategy
  • Key messaging
  • Logo
  • Storytelling
  • Audience research and targeted messaging
  • Colours
  • Naming
  • Font type
  • Design styling and guidelines
  • Graphic design
  • UX and UI design
  • Animation design

Discovery Sessions

How well do you know your brand? Matter Discovery Sessions help you understand where you’re coming from and where you’re going. A Discovery Session is a fun and interactive workshop where we explore what makes your brand matter.

We’ll take you through a series of questions and activities that will help you break down all of the foundational elements of your brand to revisit just what makes your business tick. We’ll then use these discoveries to form long-term achievable goals and then work backwards so you have tangible next steps and a clear overview of your resources to get you there. We’ll help you think about how best to relate to your audience and revisit your current strategies or help you form new ones.

On completion you will:

  • Better understand your USP, voice, style, story, mission, vision, values, audience and goals
  • Uncover fresh new ways to look at your business
  • Have identified areas for improvement
  • Be energised for what you do and how you do it
  • Set goals for future success

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