Matter. is an award-winning e-commerce agency and has become a leading expert in Headless e-commerce integrations.

Headless commerce, also known as composable commerce, is a website system architecture that decouples the front-end and back-end of an e-commerce system, replacing the coupling with API connections. These API connections are able to link to best-of-breed applications to be used in a micro-services architecture.

We use our bespoke headless e-commerce framework, JAMM.™, built with Gatsby, ReactJS and NodeJS, hooking into leading e-commerce applications.

The advantages of Headless e-commerce

  • Better performance – Pages are served through CDNs improving page load speeds
  • Higher security by separating server-side processes from the frontend 
  • Simple cheap scaling – Handles traffic scale without impacting backend components
  • Development control – Flexibility to add/remove services without impacting frontend
  • Data control – Draws data from multiple “sources of truth” reducing data replication
  • Strategic advantages – Support multiple frontends from a single backend – multi-site, device-specific frontends

In this webinar, Matter. director, Nigel Poole, shares how the Headless system architecture helps clients optimise website speeds, better manage their own content, improve user experiences, and achieve high scores for Google Core Web Vitals.

Headless e-commerce case studies

Check out the below case studies using the JAMM.™ framework:

  • Videopro – A headless e-commerce experience for one of Australia’s leading premier dealers in audiovisual equipment, computers & AV solutions. 
  • Forcite – A headless e-commerce website for the Australian brand behind the world’s first mass-produced smart helmet that combines exceptional helmet safety with a suite of tried and tested integrated technologies.

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