Matter.’s client success team provides access to strategic, technical and creative skill-sets to support our clients in achieving their business goals post project launch.

Support clients gain access to:

  • A dedicated Client Success Manager, overseen by the Head of Client Success
  • Monthly reviews by Technical Strategists
  • Quarterly workshops available with the CEO/Founder
  • Built-in service cadence
  • Enhanced e-commerce tools
  • Access to knowledge wiki

Support Matters.

Our team works collaboratively with a focus on growth and innovation. We keep our workflow lean and are results-oriented. The benefits of working with us on an ongoing basis go beyond website maintenance and business-as-usual support.

Consider our support services as a way to add a high-performing e-commerce team to your organisation. Through this service, you will gain access to motivated and skilled experts who work as your team’s extension. 

The benefits of support services:

  • Skills on demand
  • Save on the overhead costs of hiring in-house specialists
  • Accountability and accurate reporting
  • Best practice sharing – what we see in the market and learning from other clients
  • Flexibility, month-to-month, on which skill-sets you use
  • Scale-up the services as you grow
  • You have the option to transition to inhouse resources when commercially viable

Communication & Management Systems

We realise the importance of regular communication and visibility of task allocation. This is why we utilise industry-standard tools and practices so that it’s easy to prioritise what needs to be done and to know what is getting done.

Through our Support Portal, you will access useful resources specific to your project and be able to follow the progress of your tasks.

Portal features include the ability to:

  • Log requests
  • Track progress
  • Look-up training documents

Analytics and Tracking Tools

Through the use of online tools, we can consensually track the right data to enhance your customer’s e-commerce experience. We can track:

  • Site speed and performance
  • Error logging, debugging and code health
  • Bandwidth usage 
  • Technical and on-page SEO rankings and health
  • Customer acquisition, behaviour and conversion as well as enhanced e-commerce analytics
  • Customer behaviour analytics including heatmaps, A/B testing and session recordings

How can we support you?

Get in contact with us today to chat about how we can help you achieve your business goals post the project launch.