Simplify Your Product Merchandising on BigCommerce with Visual Merchandizer

Visual Merchandizer is now available with a single-click install on the BigCommerce app store. 

Visual Merchandizer is an app built by Matter Design & Digital to help merchants control how products display on their storefront. The app allows merchants to reorder products with a simple drag and drop interface so their customers see the products they want them to see. 

Visual Merchandizer is now available with a single-click install on the BigCommerce app store

Video displaying how Visual Merchandizer works
Visual Merchandizer controls the sort order of your products

What is visual merchandising 

The way products are displayed on the GUI (graphical user interface) is a direct correlation with a customer’s user experience. Just as consideration is placed as to where products are displayed in a brick and mortar store, the same consideration is placed as to how products are displayed in an online e-commerce store. This process is called visual merchandising, or visual merchandising strategy. 

Why is visual merchandising important 

It takes seconds for customers to make choices on their user journey – seconds that could determine whether the customer makes the decision to make a purchase or to abandon their cart. Online stores mapped out conveniently and well-ordered provide a more seamless journey for the customer to make a purchase. Have an item you want to sell more of? Simply place that item on a prime area of your website using the visual merchandising tool.

Simplify your product merchandising with Visual Merchandizer

The Visual Merchandizer app allows you to reorder your products with a simple drag and drop interface so your customers see the products you want them to see. 

Drag and drop products in your preferred order, promote an individual to the top, move it to the bottom, or edit the product to appear in a specific location in the product list using a numbered approach. 

Merchants can manage their products in two ways:

Global Sort – lets you reorder your products site-wide as your default sort order. It’s an easy way to manage the standard Sort Order field visible in the product catalogue.

Category Sort –  allows you to control the sort order of your products per category and sub-category.

Who is Visual Merchandizer for

Visual Merchandizer app helps any type of merchants manage their product placements with ease, including:

  • Merchants who want more control over their product sort order 
  • Merchants with large product databases
  • Merchants who want to sort products on a category level
  • BigCommerce merchants

What Visual Merchndizer users are saying

“Just what we needed! I am amazed that this does not yet exist. This is a basic need that every store needs and we are so happy to finally find it!”

“Very happy with the app! Super easy to use and it has made a huge difference to the appearance of our website.”

“Easy to sort!”

Click on the link below to trial the app, or contact us for further questions.